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Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Favorite Spam

I'm seriously considering sponsoring some sort of Spam Awards Banquet some day. Some of the spam mail I get is great! Very creative and entertaining. It even makes me lol from time to time. Really!

Here are some of my recent favorites...

This first one would probably win an award for the subject line alone!

Sent: Thu Nov 22 16:51
From: 'Norberto Ross'
To: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com

Subject: Aircraft Carrier Drink Liquid Swimming Pool Boy

I'm sure that MegaDik would be nominated many times for Spammy awards!
Check out these gems...

Sent: Fri Nov 23 15:41
From: 'Alyson Z. Shearer'
To: 'Lacy F. Tackett'

Subject: Is your penis size your only problem? MegaDik solves it just like that!

Have they ever told you this, "Gush! Your penis is really tiny!"?
Didn't you feel sad?
Don't let them choose sexual toys but not you! Megadik will make you a real man ! You should simply rely on this wonderful preparation!
"Oh! Your penis is unique!" Is it what you dream to hear every day?
Soon you'll be the only one ladies will dream about! Megadik is your true rescue!

Sent: Sun Nov 25 5:54
From: 'Rico H. Fry'
To: 'Amado L. Riddle'

Subject: Make your willy bigger and harder in just a few weeks!

No man would be glad to be told by his lady in the bedroom "Oh, it's so small!"
However, if you're dreading to hear this, don't despair!
MegaDik gives you a chance, which you surely don't want to miss out!

Visit us today and start witnessing miraculous transformations just in a few weeks!

Sent: Sun Nov 25 22:03
From: 'Bobbie W. Johns'
To: 'Donny Y. Blankenship'

Subject: Make all girls notice your manhood!

Do you believe in magic? We dare say you're likely to answer negatively.
We hadn't believed, either...until the moment we tried MegaDick!
The effect this remedy produces on a male dic'k cannot be called otherwise than a Miracle!
Only fancy, that your love wand suddenly becomes longer
and thicker and makes women tremble with ardor!
It's fabulous!

So, hurry up, perform a miracle in your life with this wonder-medicine!

Sent: Thu Nov 29 10:02
From: 'Maribel P. Ziegler'
To: 'Shauna Y. Spaulding'

Subject: Obtain a huge schlong for a new year!

Do you always blame your hard luck?

Fortune smiles only on real men!
Become a self-confident fellow with a massive phallus in year 2008!

Receive your portion of MegaDik today for the lowest price ever!

What is your favorite spam e-mail? Send your nominations in today!


Anonymous durban bud said...

Got this today:


It's the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS!
Ped Egg? Professional
Only $10
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Just pay s&h.
Order Now & Receive your FREE Miracle Foot Repair Cream & 2 Buffing Pads Today!


9:49 AM  
Blogger Bubala said...

Yes, we'll put that one into the nomination pile for grossest spam. I can just see all the pudgy 'ol feet full of bunions... bleh!

3:59 PM  

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