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Friday, November 11, 2005

Do Ya' Like Boobs A Lot?

Augh! Evil Boobies & Bush!


Sorry to start off this post with a scary titty picture, but then that is what this post is all about. Big, scary titties!

At my job, apparently, you gotta have titties to get anywhere. I don't mean saggy, scary, hairy man-boobs. (Or even hard, hot, hairy man pecs for that matter!) I'm talking about those big, juicy, luscious, melons of the female variety. Those beautiful B's, C's, Double D's... whatever! I truly believe you gotta have girly-boobs to get ahead at my place of employment!

I have been working there for over five years now doing some things that I really don't necessarily prefer to do. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job at all. Love it as a matter of fact. But, you see, at my place of employment, there are several positions that any one of many people may fill from day to day. One day you might be doing this, the next day you could be doing that. Now, the rates of pay for these various positions are different. Doing one job earns you this much money, while doing another job could earn you two or three times as much money. (No, we are not all hookers and johns! It's a completely reputable place of employment! Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Now, whereas, I am completely qualified to perform any and all of the daily tasks, I constantly find myself assigned to the low paying gigs while all the big tittied gals are getting the big bucks tasks! In fact, big boobied babes that have been there considerably less time than I have are getting all of the high salary assignments! One girl who has been there less than a week has already passed right over me into the big breadwinner positions just because she has humongous milk juggs!

It's very frustrating!

I never once, not even for a moment, ever wanted to be a woman. I am very happy being a man and very content with all of the manly body parts that I have been blessed with! Wouldn't trade anything.. uhn uh!

But, maybe it is time, strictly for financial reasons of course, to think seriously about that breast augmentation surgery.

Boobala's Sexy Man-Boobs!

What do you think?


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