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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Today was day to catch up on some maintenance, my body's maintenance to be exact.

I woke up with an awful case of bedhead and decided it was time once again to get the 'ole head's hair cut. Being a hairy guy is great most of the time, but it does have it's occasional drawbacks. The hair on the back of my neck, for example. It grows so fast between hair cuts. It's kinda gross sometimes. Looks like I'm wearing a scary hair scarf or something, so I have to get it trimmed regularly. I am sure that if I tried to trim it myself, I would somehow end up completely bald or seriously injured or both, so I leave that risky sorta stuff to the hair care experts.

Here is a before and after shot, so that you can see the results of my dramatic makeover:

Before & After
Absolutely stunning, dontcha' think?

After the hair was taken care of, it was time to move on to the teeth. I had not been to see the dentist since mine retired about two years ago. He had been my dentist forever, so you can imagine that his retirement was a sad and traumatic occasion for me. It left me in dental denial for two years as a matter of fact. I figured that my teeth just couldn't and wouldn't go on without their beloved Doctor Johnson to clean and care for them. Finally, however, I thought it was time to venture out into the world of dental hygiene and periodontics again.

I went to see a dentist that my mother had recommended. Actually, Mumi and I both went to see the dentist together. It was really romantic. We both had appointments at the same time, same place. He was in one room and me in the other. I could actually hear the tartar being scraped off his teeth as my molars were being x-rayed. I could hear him trying in vain to mumble out answers to the all of the many questions dentists inevitably ask while they have their hands shoved half way down your throats. Just how they expect you to answer all those questions with a mouth full of hands, I'll never know.

Fortunately, the dental exam was pretty routine. No surprises for me. Whereas I may not have the whitest or straightest or most beautiful teeth in the world, they are pretty solid little chompers. They require very little dental work, thank goodness!

Grrrr! Scary teeth!

Mumi, on the other hand... Well, let's just say that he has a follow up appointment with the dentist next month for a little "work..."

Oh, also, last night, Mumi and I were playing around with the digital camera while driving home from the grocery store. I really have to learn how to pay attention to the road while I'm driving, but that is another whole story for another time. Anyway, we got some real neat photos out of it. Here is one of them:

Traffic Slam


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