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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Talking About Bob Mould

Heater Dog & Heater MonkeyWell, last night I managed to pry myself away from my normal activity this time of year, cuddling up with Max in front of my space heater, and we went down to Annapolis and met up with our friends, Tim and Donn, for dinner at the Double-T diner. The food was good, the service funny, and the company was friendly and handsome.

After the meal, we all headed down West Street to the Ram’s Head Tavern to see Bob Mould. He had just played around here last month in DC with his whole band, but this was a solo show. The place is small and intimate, and our seats were up close. Strangely enough, we had the same exact table and seats this time as when he played there last January. Tim and Donn sat a few tables away. They introduced us to a few of their friends and fellow fans. Bob was hanging out before the show and chatting with fans and friends. I was my usual socially dysfunctional self with a whole lot of nothing to say to anyone. What a monkey!

The show began well (and in tune), but as the show progressed, the old 12 string acoustic guitar got temperamental and wouldn’t stay in tune. There was a surprise in the set for me. Bob played “Can’t Fight It” which I haven’t seen him play in about 10 years. Then, he switched over to the electric guitar and tore it up a bit which seemed to wake the 70% full Ram’s Head crowd up.

After the show, Bob was signing CD’s, and I got him to sign a few things. Bubala even snapped a photo of Bob and me for the collection. To sit on the shelf and inspire me to make music rather then lay in front of the heater with the dog all winter. It is a pretty nice pic though, don‘t you think so?

Bob & Mumi
Bob is playing The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia on Tuesday. He said that Morel will join him on stage, so hmmmmm... It wasn’t in the plan, but I can resist anything but temptation, so maybe we’ll go check it out.

I was counting my Bob ticket stubs and last night after we got home, and last night was the 21st time I have seen Bob play since 1987. I included the DC Pride show this year, and Fort Reno in 2003.

It’s all piling up now. No time to look back. Just get me in front of the heater, and tell me when it’s April.

Here’s the set-list from last night.
(I think I got the order right)

(First half all on 12 string acoustic guitar)
Wishing Well
Hear Me Calling
Hoover Damn
See A little Light
No Reservation
Hardly Getting Over It
Can’t Fight It
Hi Fidelity
Sinners & Their Repentances

(Second half and encore all on 6 string electric guitar)
Lonely Afternoon
I Apologize
The Act We Act
Charted Trips
My Favorite Thing
Celebrated Summer

If I Can’t Change Your Mind
Makes No Sense At All


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