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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mischievous Max's Medical Mishap

Keeps me in stitches!
On Monday I got my bandage off from my surgery last Thursday. Dr. Lee said everything looked great. So, we got home and I was looking at my leg and I went to sniff it and these sharp little thorn things pricked me on the nose. Well, I didn't like that too much. So, I ran all around the house trying to get away from the thorns in my leg. On top of all that, there was this weird smell on my leg and it itched like a bitch, so I started to lick it. Only when I did lick it, I would get pricked in the nose. Mumi and Bubala didn't seem too sympathetic about the whole situation. All they did was yell at me and tell me NO! So, after a while I just pretended that it didn't bother me and except for a few times when they caught me licking my leg and threatened to put that space collar thingy on me, I think I had them fooled that I was being a good dog and that I was going to leave my leg alone. They even gave me ice cream to take my mind off things and that worked until I finished eating it that is.

Well, I waited until just the right moment, when no one was paying attention to me, to make my move. You see, I had been checking out the thorns in my leg and licking them and I discovered that if I got them wet enough, then they really didn't prickle too much anymore. In fact, if I discovered that if I chewed them a little I could even get one loose and it just pulled right out!


Oh shit! Mumi caught me. They put the space collar on me, and that made me feel like a dork. They were just laughing at me, and I just sat there looking sad and afraid to move.

Bitches!Then, they ended up taking me back to that place where I got my operation, and none of us were too happy about it. I got a staple where the thorn that I chewed out used to be. And, I also got a brand new yellow bandage and lots of attention too. All the excitement made me really tired, so as I was drifting off to sleep, I was plotting my revenge.

This weekend, when Bubala and Mumi go away to Nearfest and Uncle Robby stays with me, we can have a babe fest because Uncle Rob is straight and single. I'll have three or four of them bitches pawing at me and pampering me because I have a hurt leg. I intend to use it to my full advantage. Those bitches will be giving me more than a little back scratching and rubbing under the chin if you know what I mean.



Anonymous copperred said...

Aww poor Max. I was wondering when we'd get to the collar. Reminds of when Peter feeds Brian (Family Guy), by pouring in the dog chow into the collar until he almost suffocates. Guess that's the reason dogs shouldn't walk on two legs.

9:44 AM  

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