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Saturday, July 08, 2006

There Is A Fungus Among Us

Gus is a lot of fun!
While hiking yesterday, I came across this huge fungus growing on the ground. It must have been almost two feet wide and at least 12 inches tall. I photographed my foot next to the fungus so that you can get an idea of how big it really was. Keep in mind that I wear a size 12 shoe. (And, before you ask, yes it is true what they say...)

For some reason, this fungus really fascinated me. I spent quite a bit of time looking at it and photographing it from all different angles. I felt very fortunate to have spotted the fungus and for the chance to spend some quality time with it before it went away to wherever it is that funguses disappear to.

I'm really weird.

Where is Mario when you need him?


Blogger The_Gay_Dude said...

U R just a fungi :P

5:17 PM  
Blogger TOS said...

Wow that thing is huge... so when do we get to see the other pic huh! :-P

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Glenn said...

You might have the largest organ, but the largest organism is in dispute:

I want to check out the fungus in Oregon, maybe you should submit pictures of your organ to Wikipedia?

1:02 PM  

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