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Friday, September 29, 2006

Names Withheld To Protect The Indecent

Snowball Fight!
I must be reading too many blogs lately. Some of the characters from my favorite blogs ended up in my wacky dream last night. I am intentionally leaving out the names of those who guest starred in my dream in order to protect the innocent.

In the dream, it was snowing. I was at my mom's house but it was in my neighborhood. Some kids came along and started throwing snowballs at me. That's when all you blogger buds came along to help me out. About five or six of you guys showed up to help. We battled back against the snowball throwing kids and won the snowball fight.

After the snowball battle, we were all really tired. So, we decided to build an igloo and get some sleep. Of course when you put six or seven hot bloggers into an igloo, the temperature inside must get a little steamy, because we all agreed that we needed to shed our clothes down to our tighty-whities. (You all looked very hot in your tighty-whities, by the way!)

Fire Station
Well, at some time during all this hot blogger-tighty-whitie-man-frolicking, the igloo turned into a fire station just like that. One minute we're all pal'ing around in an igloo, the next minute the igloo suddenly turns into a fire station. Dreams can be so weird.

At about this time, the kids came back and started attacking us with their snowballs again. Only this time, they weren't the neighborhood bullies. They were bad boys from a nearby summer camp/reform school sort of place. (Summer camp?!? WTF?!? Isn't it snowing in this dream?)

Anyway, we all decide that the best strategy to defeat the evil summer camp snowballers is to split up into groups of two, so we do. We throw snowballs back and forth for a while. Eventually, the snowball battle escalates into fist fighting. We all group back together and the fists start flying. Of course, being the manly, strong, ruggedly handsome bloggers that we are, we easily defeat the reform school bad boys. In fact, we beat the crap out of them.

To celebrate our victory, I choose a particularly hot blogger bud and take him inside the fire station with me, down into the basement. I pretend that we are going down there to find some party supplies for the victory party that we all decide we need to throw in order to celebrate our fist fight victory. Of course, when we get down to the basement I start to put the moves on him. We're still in our tighty-whities, so putting the moves on him is a lot easier. Not that it would be that difficult in the first place since he is already putting the moves right back on me!

The tighty-whities hit the floor pretty quickly and there we both were. Down in the basement of the fire station, both naked and visibly aroused. It is only then that we realize that we are not alone in the basement. It seems that all of the other blogger buds had the same exact idea. Every one of you guys was down there in that basement with us. All naked and all visibly aroused. (You all looked very, very hot naked and aroused, by the way!)

That's when I woke up. Of course! Damn, damn damn! I wish I had slept just a little longer to see what would have happened next...


Blogger TOS said...

particularly hot blogger bud eh??? somebody has a mancrush on someone... :-P

9:06 PM  
Blogger Bubala said...

Well, after seeing all of those bloggers naked in my dream, I believe I might have a couple of mancrushes!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Glenn said...

I've always wanted to build an igloo.

10:17 AM  

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