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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

25 Years & Still Gay...

This year marks 25 years since I came out. Yep, 25 years of suckin' cock, and I'm still here. To celebrate this occasion, I was awarded by the Gay Agenda Corporation with a Mexican house boy named Oscar. They are the same folks that give out all those free toasters for new recruits. I was given a choice between the Mexican house boy or an 8-man-orgy hot tub. (Men not included.) Since the tub didn't come with the dudes, I decided that it would be nice to have another mouth around to feed for a while.

We made Oscar dog sit with Max while we took off to Baltimore for the Gay Pride parade. We watched the parade with "Madame Queen" (Bubala's mom) and Bubala's sister Anne and our two year old nephew, Braedon. Going to a parade with a two year old is a great way to get the people in the parade to throw beads and candy to us... I mean to him.

There were men in towels walking alongside a group shower float. There were a bunch of lesbians dressed up as pirates walking on stilts. There were drag queens in platforms on Segways... Oh my. And, there was a host of other assorted oddities and hottities.

Interesting Segway...Arrrrrrgh!

And, then, there was this guy...
Um, nice...
Enough about him, already!

The parade ended, as usual, at Baltimore Pride block party. At the block party, we saw almost all of our gay friends and a few more hot mens that we wouldn't mind making friends with. We saw our buddy Tim stopping through on his way to the beach. Then, we found our buddy Greg the Bowie Cub, and he took us to the bear party which we already had an invite to from the guys whose home it was being held in. The shower float from the parade was parked out front of the bear Party house, and now it was a comfy street side bear pool. There were even a few drunk, naked men running around, but you had to look quick to see them. We ran into more of our friends and acquaintances at the party. We saw our Glen Burnie Gaybors, Paul and Norm. They had just had a bear-riffic party of their own at their house last weekend. We saw a few of the DC Blowoff bloggers, and we chatted with them a bit. We saw The Shawns, and talked with them some too.

After mingling for a while, we went back to the block party. I wanted a couple of $11.00 strawberry daiquiris. After all, it wouldn't be gay pride without absurdly overpriced, fruity, alcoholic drinks with paper umbrellas now, would it? We ran into our friends, Ron and Larry and hung out with them for a while. They played this game called let's see what's hiding inside Mumi's gym shorts. (Instigated, of course, by the Bowie Cub.)

What is down those shorts?

The quote of the day came from a passing African American guy who said to the whole shirtless bunch of us, "You all's Chest'es looks great!" "Thanks man," I said.

We went back and forth for a while between the bear party and the block party. Another daiquiri at the block party and another peek down my shorts from Larry. Then, I started cruising this really hot young dude, and his boyfriend had a jealous fit fight. Then, we went back to the bear party to pee in the bathtub, because the signs on the wall above the tub said "Men Pee Here." The Bowie Cub and I had a peeing competition, but he won because he drinks beer. We both leaned forward too much though and almost fell into the tub.

There was this hot fucking buck at the bear party making bear paw tattoos on all of the guys with a Sharpie marker, so we all got one of those tattoos. While he was tattooing me, he asked me if I wanted to make out later. I said yeah, but we never saw him again later. Bummer...

Studs! or duds?

Then, it was time to head to the Eagle for underwear night. Right? No... Bubala said no, because he had to work all day long the next day. It was just as well though, as I think Larry would have done more than just peek down the front of my shorts at the Eagle.

And, what became of the Bowie Cub? Well, as usual, he always gets the hottie, bear cub. I'm telling you, he has a fish tank full of phone numbers of bear dudes and a few monkeys too right next to his bed on the nightstand. He is a smooth operator and one sexy and sweet man.

Now, we are back home, recovering before our vacation. Yeah, some folks like the beach. Some prefer the tranquil woods and a camping trip. Still others prefer just to stay home and rest and relax. Bubala and I can't stop moving though. We are restless. We want to go, go, go. We have to satisfy this basic need for speed and a surge of energy. We need to spark ourselves back to life every now and then.

This is how we will do it this time:

June 21 Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia
June 22 Rush in concert, Virginia Beach, Virginia
June 23 Rush in concert Man-asses, Virginia
June 24 Day of rest. Catch our breath. Go to the gym.
June 25 Rush in concert, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 26 Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

And, by the time we get back from all of that and catch our breath, we will be off to another Rush concert and another amusement park. That's really what our relationship is all about. Rush and roller coasters. Do you wanna come along? Do you think you can keep up with us?


Blogger TOS said...

Whew - even that post had my heart racing and feeling short of breath!

Happy Gay Birthday!!! Safe travels and have fun! - TOS

3:24 PM  
Anonymous jimbo said...

Crimeny, I couldn't even handle that much Stevie Nicks or Olivia Newton-John - even if it were free. yer a hardcore Rush fan that's fer sure.

5:05 PM  

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