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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Life In Pictures

Wow! Time flies when you're having sex... I mean fun! I have been so busy this past week, I have not had time to fill you all in on the details of my boring little life. Hopefully, this picture essay will bring you up to speed with the thrill-a-minute existence of mine known as my life.

We'll start with the end. Mumi's rear end that is. We did a little naked boating the day before our anniversary. Naked boating is always fun. I tried to find a pic of me naked out there on the boat to post, but they were all way too explicit. I do like to leave some things to the imagination, after all. Besides, Mumi looks a lot better naked than I do, so no big loss.
This Is The End
Mumi got a little pregnant from all of that hot, naked boat sex and the next day, he had a baby! Actually, the baby in the pic is my new nephew. He was born on May 14th. Mumi is doing his best newborn baby imitation in the pic, by the way.
Mumi's Baby Boy
There must have been some hot, naked bird boat sex happening some time recently too. There is a little nest of birds in our yard. Right after I snapped this picture, the mother bird screamed, "No paparazzi!" and chased me into the house.
Baby Birds
We went to a couple of Porcupine Tree concerts over the past week. And, we still have a couple more to go. Mumi loves his Porcupine Tree shows. The concert venues didn't allow photography during the shows, so I took this picture of pretty lights for you.
The Lights
While in New York City for a P-Tree concert, we ate all of the finest restaurants!
Mickey D's
Other than that, I haven't really been doing all that much. Well, besides playing with my balls that is. I've been doing way too much of that!
My Balls
(Bingo balls! I've been working a lot. Get your minds out of the gutter people!)

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