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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lightning Wins Again

Lightning... Striking... Again...Just as Mumi and I were about to leave for a bike ride this afternoon, the clouds started rolling in and it started to drizzle a little bit. I really wanted to go on this bike ride though, so I lied to Mumi just a little.

I started acting like a weather man and proclaimed, very matter-of-factly, that the approaching storm was just a small front and that it would only produce a little bit of drizzle and then there would be plenty of sunshine right after the rain. I must make a pretty convincing weather man, because Mumi decided to come along with me on the ride.

My weather prediction held true for most of the 12 mile ride. There were just a few drops of rain and plenty of clear, sunny skies off in the distance in all directions. About 8 miles in though, the sky grew dark and ominous. And, then, the rain began to fall. In no time at all, it was pouring down all over us. We stashed our iPods in the Ziploc baggies we had fortunately been smart enough to bring with us, and we pedaled onward. What else could we do? We were soaked already.

So, we made it most of the way around the airport and I'm thinking to myself that I'd really like to go around again. We do that a lot these days. Go around once and then turn around and come back around again. Mumi even goes around 3 or 4 times a day sometimes. He's crazy though, so that's why. Anyway, I told Mumi that I wanted to go around again. He said that he wasn't going to since we were soaked and all. He was concerned about ruining his iPod. A valid concern, for sure. He's always the sensible one.

I, on the other hand, thought to myself, "Screw it! My iPod is in a Ziploc baggie. It's as wet as it's going to get and it's still playing. (Ironically, Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O. was playing.) I'm going around again." I bid a fond farewell to Mumi and turned around and rode off into the lightning and rain.

Fortunately, the rain only seemed to be falling in one small area along the bike trail. After I got back to where we had been when the rain had started, it was all dry. And, for the rest of the way back around the trail, I ran into very little rain. Just a sprinkle or two.

I did see a bunch of lightning off in the distance though. It was very cool. I love lightning. I always have. It totally made my irrational decision to go bicycling in a thunderstorm worth it for me. I'd even do it again with no regrets.

Valuable Lesson Learned #1263: White athletic shorts + no underwear + a whole lotta' rain = not too much left to the imagination... Ah well, live and learn they say. Right?


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