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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Artsy Tuesday: A Photo & A Poem

Original photo by Mumi. Digitally enhanced by frigiddigital.

Intimate Strangers - an original poem by Bubala
I am a strange one.
I enjoy hanging around in graveyards
Reading off the tombstones.
And, if I knew you any better,
I might sit inside my car
Outside of your house at night.
Waiting to catch a glimpse of you
Through your open window.
So, maybe it's better
If we remain intimate strangers
Through the glass.

I pretend that I am more special than the rest of the world.
That I am not at all disturbed.
I picture all of the happy events of my life
Unfolding beautifully
Right there before my eyes.
And, I see you there.
Through my windshield.
Through your living room window.
But, I'm smart enough to know
That is not enough.

So, I want to crash through
To the other side
And hold you in my arms.
You are frightened and confused.
But, you must love me.
I can see the joy there
In your eyes.
Hidden way down below.
Beneath the broken glass and fractured skin.
You really do love me.

Suddenly, I am filled with a calm
Like I have never felt before.
I could die right there.
Right now.

Like I told you before,
I am a strange one.
I rather enjoy plucking the wings off of horse flies
And then watch them try in vain
To fly away.
So, maybe it's better
For me
And for you
If we only remain
Intimate strangers.
Through the glass.


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Blogger Steve said...

Dude, that's creepy.

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