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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why I Don't Watch The News

I usually do not watch the news on television. I can't stand it. It's so depressing and, most of the time, infuriating to me as well. Like last night, on CNN, for example. They were doing a piece on that creepy, Idahoan, closeted, scary, old, restroom sex seeking, Republican man. Some ignorant bitch was interviewing some police officer about it all. The bitch closed the interview by saying something like, "Of course, the most important question that is on all of our minds right now is, just how safe are our children in these public restrooms?"


Oh yeah, that's right! All the homos are also pedophiles. Wow, how could I have forgotten that? It's right there, in the homo handbook on page 69. "Thou shalt stalk thy straight neighbors' children."

What a f@#!ing ignorant bitch!

I would expect that sort of stupid question from someone on Fox News, but CNN?

I hate television news...


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