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Monday, December 21, 2009

I Am Also (Not) A Rock


Sometimes, things happen
Things that I do not even pretend to understand
Things that leave me wondering
Why people sometimes come and go
Without so much as an explanation?
Shining with me on a Sunday
Only to be missing by Monday morning
Never to be seen again
Never to share a smile again
Or to reminisce about something
That we once had in common
Nothing significant at all
Only a few fading feelings
Happiness turning slowly
Crumbling away
Like so many other stone walls
Into piles of pebbles, dirt and dust
Crunching under my footsteps
As I trudge onward
In search of another wall
To lean my worn and weary frame upon
And when I think about it too much
Which I always do
I remember with great melancholy
That I may not be a boulder
But, then again
I am also (not) a rock


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does this not sound good?

6:51 PM  

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