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Saturday, September 27, 2008


See! Sometimes I actually do manly things...

Jack is hammering!

In anticipation of having a huge tree removed, I decided to bust up the sidewalk a little bit. I started out using a sledgehammer to break up the concrete, but that proved to be just a tad too heavy manly for me. So, I went on up to the local Homo Depot and rented me one of them there jackhammers!

Now, keep in mind that I had absolutely no prior experience using a jackhammer. I had never even seen one in real life before, much less used one. I had heard some stories though, so I figured it'd be easy enough to figure out. And it was... Well, for the most part it was!

The first time I turned the thing on, it busted straight though the pavement and went down in the ground about a foot deep before I thought to let go of the trigger switch to turn it off. I also bounced it across the sidewalk a few times, shot some rocks into the air and into Mumi's unprotected eyes and even managed to almost drill through my shoes (and my feet) once or twice during the whole project.

Eventually though, I mastered the fine art of jacking off... er, jackhammering. I managed to bust up as much sidewalk as I thought was necessary to allow the tree men to get their job done successfully without beating myself up too much during the whole process.

Turns out, however, that the tree men didn't really need my help after all. They could have taken down the tree just the same with or without a sidewalk there next to it. So, I guess I totally busted up my sidewalk for no reason whatsoever.

Oh well, it made me feel manly enough. Even if only for a few brief, but excitingly vibrating moments.


Blogger TOS said...

dare i say that if you were, you know, as good as hammering as the latter... :-)

but wouldn't we all? :-)

8:46 PM  
Anonymous jimbo said...

You did not wear ear protection.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Bubala said...

Ah, but I did. Inside the ear earplugs...

4:05 PM  

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