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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's A Long Way Down The Holiday Road

Bubala & Mumi's VacationWe had our own little Walley World sort of moment yesterday on one of our many amusement park jaunts.

We had planned a trip to Clementon Park in Clementon, New Jersey. It is about 120 miles away from home. A two hour trip, give or take a minute or two. Lots of tolls along the way too since this park is off of the New Jersey Turnpike. According to the Clementon Park's Website, they were scheduled to be open from 12pm until 10pm yesterday. Well, we pulled into the parking lot at about 2:30pm, and we were greeted by a nasty little sign that stated in bold red letters, "Both Parks Closed Today." We expressed our disgust to the cute man in the park security booth, but he didn't seem to sympathetic about our situation. He just smiled politiely and told us that it was a last minute decision to close the park and that we should have called them before coming. Oh, I'm so sorry that I actually believed something that I read on the Internet. I should have known better!

You do not know how tempted I was to go to that sporting goods store across the street and buy myself a nice little pellet gun...

It sure is a good thing that we remembered to untie Max from the back bumper of the station wagon before we left Kamp Komfort in South Fork, Colorado!! I do have to wonder why that picnic basket full of sandwiches tasted so funny though.

Holiday Road MP3 - Performed by Lindsay Buckingham

P.S. The day was not a total loss. We headed up the road to Six Flags Great Adventure and had a great time there. I don't know which I liked more, the roller coasters or the hot guys in their wife-beaters!


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