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Monday, July 31, 2006

Dog Days Of Summer

Whew! What a nice, hot summer weekend.

Even though I had to work on Friday and Saturday night, we still managed to squeeze in a good time or two over this past weekend. Saturday afternoon, we just relaxed around the house for most of the day. We did manage to get out to the mall for a couple of hours. I picked up another Augusten Burroughs book entitled "Dry." It is pretty good so far. I've only read the first couple of chapters though. I also got a great deal on a Peanuts comic strip collection, The Complete Peanuts 1950-1954. It was in the bargain bin for only $12.97! I'm really excited about that find. I am a huge Peanuts fan. I didn't know that they had released these collections of the early comic strips. I'm going to have to get them all!

On Sunday, we were invited to a cook-out at our good friends, Tim and Donn's place. We had a swell time meeting lots of new hunky, hairy guys and seeing some old friends as well. We munched out on burgers and hot dogs and some really good cucumber and tomato salad made with fresh vegetables from Tim's garden. Delicious! Thanks guys! I have to admit though that we were a little disappointed that we did not see this guy and his boyfriend at the cook-out since I had heard that they spent some time hanging out with Tim and Donn this weekend. I am still holding out hope, however, that some day we will get to hang out with these boys for more than a few minutes and at some place other than a loud concert.

On Sunday evening, shortly after we got back home from the cook-out, the electricity went out in the whole neighborhood. This has been happening for the past few days now. The power goes out in the early evening and stays out for a few hours. I'm starting to worry that it will become a regular thing. (NOTE: While I was typing this blog entry, the electricity went out for a couple of minutes. Since I had not backed anything up, I lost the first version of this post. This is all a re-creation.) Since our only other option would have been to sit inside a dark house with no TV or Internet, we decided to take a bike ride around the airport. And, even though Mumi had somehow talked me into wearing a pair of white shorts that are almost transparent (even when they are not wet) without any underwear, I still had a great time on the bike ride. About halfway through the trip, I decided that anyone who was rude enough to stare at my crotch or my buttocks for too long deserved to get an eyeful of whatever my translucent shorts wanted to show them. Like I said though, the bike ride was great. Nice, hot and steamy! I love the hot weather, and I love to sweat.

The power still had not come back on when we got back from the bike ride, so I decided to light up a few candles and open the windows and the door to let a little air in. It got hot in the house real quick without any air conditioning, so I figured that it would be a perfect time to get naked, lay down on the couch and do a little reading by candlelight of my new Augusten Burroughs book mentioned above. It was nice actually. A pretty neat way to end a pretty neat weekend.


Anonymous dbud said...

Sorry we missed you guys. We had only planned on staying one night, but stayed 'til Sunday. Had to get back home. Hopefully next time... :)

BTW - Dry is an excellent book.

3:58 AM  
Blogger TOS said...

Snoopy is my man! My favoritest beagle ever!

8:04 PM  

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