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Monday, October 16, 2006

Can I Handle All This Fame?

My brother has been filming scenes for a public access TV show that he is putting together. For whatever reason, he decided that he needed to film a couple of scenes in a bingo hall. One of those scenes required a bingo caller. So, naturally, he decided that since I was such a talented, little thespian all those years ago when I was in high school, that I would make a perfect bingo caller. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I am actually a bingo caller in real life. It's definitely because of my incredible Academy Award-worthy acting abilities. For sure.

So, anyway, last Thursday, we all gathered at the bingo hall and filmed the scenes. I found out that it is really difficult to just be yourself when there are lights and cameras and a camera crew in your face.

I am a bingo caller, yet I found it was not quite as easy to just be a bingo caller when the cameras started rolling. It was much easier for me to be some guy, not very convincingly, pretending to be a bingo caller than to actually be me, a real live bingo caller.

We got through it though. Here is a sneaky peek at my big small screen debut:

(I could not get the video to imbed properly into this here blog entry, so if you want to see my spectacular acting debut, then you'll have to click here.)

The show will not be completed and aired probably until November, but you can say that you saw it (well, the best part of it anyway) here first.

I don't know about you, but as I watched myself acting in this scene, I was immediately reminded of another super, spectacularly talented actor and one of his great performances in a major motion picture. I learned all of my best acting skills from watching this genius at work!

Long Live Pee Wee Herman!


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