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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I BJ's

      700 screaming nasty children
+    4 hours of bingo for said kids
a very tired bingo calling Bubala!

Bingo Party!
The annual children's Christmas bingo party happened yesterday, Saturday, December 9th. I had tried my hardest to avoid working it this year. I laid low, kept out of sight and avoided any contact with the bosses for weeks before the party. You see, I hate kids. Well, hate may not be just the right word. It's more like I really, really, really despise kids! They are nasty, snot nosed, misbehaving little pieces of cow dung, for the most part.

So, it only seemed logical that, considering my splendid attitude towards the little hellions of the world, my bosses decided that I would be just the right person to be the bingo caller for the kid's party. They cornered me on Friday evening and gave me that great news!

Did I mention that I really, really, really despise my bosses?
(Just kidding... My bosses are great... most of the time!)

So, anyway, working the party was okay. Well, aside from having to yell every number into the microphone just so the little loudmouth bastards could hear me, having to pretend for four whole hours that I didn't want to throw the little dirtbags into oncoming traffic and having to act like I actually liked them and was actually interested in anything at all that the little retards had to say, that is.


At least wasn't a total loss. I was paid well. And, there was some great eye candy in the hall. Wherever there are children in mass, there are bound to be some hot daddies around!
Bingo Daddy!
Oh yeah, here is my pick for the winner of the "classiest t-shirt at the children's bingo party" award...
I Heart BJ's
I could just imagine the children in my head:

"Mommy, what's a BJ?"
"Oh Mee-maw, I love just BJ's too! Don't you?"
"Oh Daddy, I want a BJ for Chistmas!"

(Okay, okay! Maybe I said that one!)


Blogger Dumbek said...

That daddy has totally been a bottom before.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous durban bud said...

That daddy is hot. I'm sure he would be thrilled to know he's featured on a gay blog. He kinda looks like Donn. Yuuuuum.

12:02 PM  

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