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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hot New Sex Toys...

Sometimes, it is not so easy to tell the difference between Mumi and me. We are looking more and more alike every single day thanks to my receding hairline. It won't be long now before I'll be a bald monkey too! We talk alike. Most people cannot tell our voices apart on the telephone. Lately, we have started dressing alike. I only wish that we were the same size. We could save a fortune on our wardrobes! We're even starting to think alike. We have a tendency to finish each other thoughts very often these days. It's actually kind of eerie how we do it sometimes. I guess 10+ years together will do that to a couple.

Other times, though, the differences between us are very stark and very, very obvious. Just check out the new toys that each of us bought this past week...

Here is my new toy:

Boring Carpet Steamer
(Yes, it is a carpet steamer...)

And, here is his new toy:

Sexy New Drums
Both of us are way beyond thrilled with our new purchases, and we have both been using our new toys every day since we bought them. That explains the lack of blog postings these past couple of days. I'm busy soaping up and sucking dry downstairs while Mumi is busy upstairs beating off several times a day.

Now, based on each of our new toy choices, who do you think is more of an animal in the sack?

I'll never tell...


Anonymous copperred said...

Who's more of an animal? Obviously the one with at least 8, if not 13 amps of suction. My new toy is an evidence capturing machine, which I have secreted away for a little while, lest anyone see it before it's ready for its debut.

2:38 AM  

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