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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Speaking Of Meat...

I have been doing okay with my New Year's resolutions so far. I have exercised about half of the days so far this year. I have had sex and/or masturbated a little over half of the days so far this year. I think that I am being nicer, but I can't be so sure about that. I'll let you all decide. I hung out with a friend already once so far this year. I am latch-hooking my way towards greater creative satisfaction. And finally, not by my own choice, I am sleeping a lot less that I used to so far this year. (Stupid job...)

That only leaves cooking at home more...

Well, so far this year, I have cooked dinner for Mumi and me one night a week. Yeah, that probably doesn't sound all that impressive until you consider that I cooked dinner zero times during all of last year. Last week, it was easy. I bought a frozen bag of junk that you just drop into a crockpot, add some water to it and come back 8 hours later. No problem. It was pretty good too.

This week, I got a little more daring. I went to the store and bought a marinated pork tenderloin. (On sale for $3.99/pound. I'm so thrifty!) It's cooking right now. I have my meat thermometer ready to check on it in about 30 minutes. I'm also going to also whip up some instant mashed potatoes and nuke a can of Green Giant string beans to go along with the pork. Should be pretty tasty. It certainly smells good enough.

I have to admit though that I was totally grossed out by touching raw meat. I almost gagged. Who'd a thunk I could have been so grossed out by a big, fat, juicy, hunk of meat?


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