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Friday, June 22, 2007

Notes From The Road...

Yesterday, we started our trek around the Mid-Atlantic to visit some amusement parks and see some Rush concerts. We rented a car for this trip. It was supposed to be a compact car. Something like a Dodge Caliber. Boring, but functional. The lady behind the counter at Thrifty must have thought that we were hot, because when we walked out to the car, we found this waiting for us...

Gay, gay, gay!

A brand new 2008 Chrysler Sebring convertible for the same price as a compact! I was just about to go back inside the rental place and complain, when I realized that I was holding the keys to what had to be one of the gayest rental cars we've ever had! I decided to keep the car and pretend that we were rich, snooty gays for the week.

Yesterday, we spent the day at Busch Gardens, Europe. They have a new coaster there called Griffon that drops you down 205 feet straight down. It was a lot of fun. The coaster is very pretty too. Almost like a work of art, in my opinion. We only got to ride once though due to technical difficulties later on in the day. Ah well, that just means that we'll have to go back again real soon to ride it some more.


Our hotel is nice. It has a pool and a hot tub. The hot tub wasn't all that hot though, and the jets weren't all that powerful, but it was still nice to relax in after a day of walking through the endless hills and valleys of Busch Gardens.

We have stayed at a lot of really scary hotels in our time together. I used to be a real cheapskate when it came to booking hotels. I would look for the best price regardless of rating or quality. We have stayed at some real dumps before. Places that I was afraid to touch the floor in. Places where huge cockroaches came to bed with us after the lights went out. Places where I was convinced that we would be murdered in the middle of the night and our bodies wouldn't be found for weeks. Places where the floor was warped and where the bed vibrated even when you didn't put a quarter in the slot...

All of that has changed though. Now, wisdom and a bigger paycheck has allowed us to live a little more of the glamorous life. We mostly stay at Marriott Courtyard hotels wherever we go. They are nice, clean, comfy rooms with all of the amenities that we are looking for at a reasonable rate. **end of paid advertisement**

Tonight is the first of five Rush concerts in Virginia Beach. So, we are heading out to the boardwalk at Virginia Beach for the day. I have been to VB a few times, but never actually seen the beach or ocean there. So, this time, I made sure to schedule some time to do just that.

We're gonna put the top down on the convertible and drive to the beach and check out the hotties. Not a bad life, even if it is only my life for the day.

Catch up with you all later!


Blogger TOS said...

Thrifty always hooks us up - last time we got the Mustang Convertible, the butchest gay-man's car around! Be glad you didn't get a Miata :-P While convertibles are wildly unpractical, it was probably one of the most fun cars I've driven yet. I drove shirtless in the sun one day and it was awesome! I'm sure you could find some deserted road and drive in your preferred state of being :-p

We are Westin guys - they are my favorite hotels. They have the Heavenly Bed - enough said. Plus I am Gold for life so I always get bonus points and an upgrade 75% of the time. They have treated Boo and me very well and it's a shame that our favorite Westin in Puerto Rico is now a Wyndham... Booooo.

I hear you on the cheap hotels. I was the same way but I guess my gaiety and age have convinced me that it is better to pay for quality than break your back on someone's couch, futon, or get athlete's foot from some fleabag motel's shower!

Enjoy your trip!

1:56 PM  

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