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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Twenty Pictures

Wow! We had a lot of fun on our little Rush/Amusement Park tour. Too much to remember right now to try to write anything clever about any of it, so here are 20 assorted pictures of all of the fun. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, or you can feel free to add your own funny captions to the pictures.

Click on the pics to make them bigger...

Wacky Rush guys. Mumi's favorite way to travel...
Who has the hotter chest? Once again, only the finest food for us!
This is just plain scary... I love my smash-a-penny's!
This sign reminded me of Mumi. What I'd look like with an afro.
What I tried to do all week... What I succeeded in doing all week...
Mumi discovers titties. My new boyfriend.
Mumi scores some pussy. See, I told you this was his favorite way to travel.
Mumi likes his smash-a-penny's too. No comment.
Cursing is frowned upon in Virginia Beach. Another no comment.
Roseanne sure has let herself go. Unfortunately, we missed this.


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No shirt, no shoes, no knick-knacks!

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