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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Artsy Tuesday: A Photo & A Poem

Hot Mumi!

Crickets - an original poem by Bubala
When there aren't any crickets chirping at night to keep me awake
I sometimes invent other distractions
I pretend that something terrible has happened to someone else
Or quite possibly to me
Someone has died
Someone that I had known and loved for quite some time
Or maybe someone has lied
And it has hurt me so bad that I cannot sleep
Because I lie awake with worry
Worry over a lost trust
Or a forgotten innocence
Quite possibly I have heard some words in passing
Words that have ripped my heart from its familiar place
And tossed it away
Like so many broken promises
Maybe someone has turned out just the opposite of every dream I have ever dreamt
Like I always knew
There were never any lies
Only blind truths
So suddenly I realize
There were never any crickets to keep me awake on those nights
Only distractions
I did not invent them
Only truths I chose to ignore
I should have seen you coming


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