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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Well, Christmas is over. Just like that. A couple of months of worrying about what presents to get for which people, days spent wrapping gifts, all those cards signed, sealed and delivered, all those cookies, cakes, pies... Now, it's all over... Thank goodness!

Actually, this past Christmas wasn't so bad. It just seems to have come and gone very quickly.

I did get some great gifts this year though! I got two of this guy's CD's, this CD, this DVD, this DVD box set, some fun little hand held electronic games like Yahtzee and Connect Four, some clothes (snore!), a blood pressure monitor, a cool Snoopy trash can, a distortion effect guitar pedal, an electronic dart board and a bunch more! I can't complain about this year's haul!

We had fun spending time with our families, for the most part. Since they live close to us, we do not have to spend multiple days with any of them. That helps a to keep us both relatively sane during the holidays (pun intended...) One of Mumi's nephews finally called me Uncle Jason this weekend. That was nice. For years, I have been known to his family as simply Jason. In my family, on the other hand, we are known to the young ones as Uncle Jay and Aunt Steve. Ha ha! Aunt Steve... that's funny!

Mmmmmmm...This guy was at our workplace holiday Christmas party. He is so hot, that I had to sneak his picture and post it on our blog. He no longer works with us, but I am glad he showed up at the party anyway.

Max enjoyed the holiday also. He loves ripping open Christmas presents. (And mail, and magazines and anything else he can get his chompers on!)

Max Rips One!

Okay, so I get ready to open my Pop Tarts this morning. Have you eaten Pop Tarts lately? They have these little cartoon characters on the foil packages saying and doing all sorts of wacky things. Most of the time, they are very cute little cartoons. This morning, however, I had to do a double take when looked at my Pop Tarts. I think they've gone pornagraphic...

Porn Tarts
Can someone explain this one to me?


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