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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mystery Boy X

Okay, so there is this guy at work. We'll call him "Mystery Boy X" so as not to embarrass anyone or cause any unnecessary sexual harassment lawsuits or whatever.

Well, maybe I should say there is this kid at work. Though not actually a kid, he is 21 years old, he is still seems very much like a kid to me. He still has that high school "party til you puke" attitude. The pursuit of "snatch" is not only his favorite hobby, but also, apparently, his full time job. He is always stoned off his ass. He is a white trash, yo boy complete with the gold chains, backwards baseball cap, way too baggy clothes and gaudy spinning chrome rims on his pimped out ride. He is a shining, textbook example of everything that I probably should dislike, but... I find him incredibly hot. I don't know what in the hell I'm thinking. This boy is stick thin and hairless, certainly not the usual kind of guy that I get silly in lust over. He likes rap music for crying out loud! Egads!

I guess my infatuation with Mystery Boy X started one night a couple of years ago, when his girlfriend, Mystery Girlfriend Y, showed me a video text message that she had received on her cell phone from Mystery Boy X. In the video, Mystery Boy X was naked, aroused, and fondling his larger than average appendage all while talking dirty talk to Mystery Girlfriend Y. Now, don't ask me why Mystery Girlfriend Y decided that it was a good idea to share her boyfriend's home made porn with an out, gay man at work of all places, but apparently she thought it is was the thing to do. I certainly wasn't going to complain or get all shocked and turn away in disgust or anything like that. I wouldn't want to offend Mystery Girlfriend Y, after all.

Ever since that night, however, I just cannot look at Mystery Boy X without thinking about that video. I find myself sneaking peeks at his crotch all of the time, especially when he wears those baggy, yo boy sweat pants. I imagine what he would look like naked, strutting around the work place and showing off for me. And, I'm not talking about the kind of naked thinking that you're supposed to imagine about people when you have to speak in front of a large crowd either. This is hard-core, rated-XXX sort of naked thinking. I pretend that he sends secret naughty video sex messages to me instead of that Mystery Girlfriend Y b**ch. I pretend that he is also hot for me, and that sometimes, we sneak off together after work and have quick, hot man-sex right there in the back seat of his pimped out ride before we both head home to our mates. He has the whole "really dark, tinted windows" thing going on, so we can do that right out in the parking lot without getting caught. I'm starting to think that I need professional help.

For Pete's sake, I like hairy, rugged, blue collar, manly men, not twinky hairless kids. What is wrong with me?

Must... stop... thinking about... Mystery Boy X...

Maybe if I just stare at this picture long enough, I can be cured...

My Type Of Guy, Naked And Wet!


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