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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Think, Therefore I Blog...

In My BrainI think too much all of the time about nothing important whatsoever at all. My mind just keeps on going, I can't stop it.

I think about how everything in the whole world is happening to everyone in the whole world all at once. Whatever is happening to you right now is happening at the same exact time as whatever is happening to me right now. You experience the same number of seconds, minutes, hours and days every year as me. (As long as we both remain alive, that is.) Obviously, we have many different experiences and, possibly, we even share some similar experiences in our lives, but it all happens at the same exact time. Everyone is doing something right now, right this second. Everyone is somewhere right now doing something, or possibly doing nothing, which is actually something. You are doing something right now, arent you? Yes, so am I.

Some people are just being born. Some are just about to die. Some people are somewhere in between. Some people are happy and successful beyond their wildest dreams. Some people are just about right where the dreamed they'd be, and some people are nowhere close to realizing any dreams at all that they may have ever had for themselves.

I read something interesting in an article in Astronomy magazine recently that, surprisingly, I had not managed to think up all on my own, even after all these years and all the many thousands of useless thoughts that I have thunk. The article said that there is no such thing as darkness. There is only the abscence of lightness. Also, there is no such thing as nothing, only the abscence of something.

I guess that makes sense, sort of. I agree with the lightness/darkness part. I just can't say that I agree with the nothing/something part completely. Now, as far as the big picture is concerned, sure, there is no such thing as nothing. There is always something. In this whole wide universe that we are only a miniscule speck within, there has always been, and will always be something.

On a more personal level, however, I believe that there once was nothing and, one day, there will be nothing again. Everything that is me will eventually cease to exist. The thoughts and memories that are stored on the hard drive within my brain will one day become corrupt. The electrical impulses will disband and fall all apart. My thoughts, my memories, everything that is me will scatter about wildly and without order and will continue to dissipate further and further into nothingness.

That won't quite be the end of me though, because there will be some people alive who have memories of me still inside them, so I won't be nothing quite yet. Eventually, however, all of those peoples' thoughts and memories will follow the same path to destruction as mine had taken previously. Then, I will be both physically and physiologically nothing again.

I don't think about all of this stuff in a depressing way. It's not like I'm sitting around afraid to do anything for fear that someday I will be nothing or anything like that. It's just becuase I think too much that these thoughts are even born. As a result, however, I know that nothing stays the way that it is forever. Everything changes in everyone's life. I only hope that as more changes come along in my life, I can continue to learn to adapt.


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