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Friday, December 02, 2005

Burning The Midnight Oil

Bubala Rockin' & Rollin'Been staying up late lately playing the new keyboard. I like it a lot, and I am sure that it is going to inspire me into days and nights of creativity. I have been in a lull lately, artistically speaking.

Going to dinner tonight with a couple of friends at their place. Gonna watch a movie after dinner, War Of The Worlds, I think. Should be a great time.

I am a nice guy. I'm sure that I certainly do not always appear to be a nice guy though. You see, I get frustrated easily, and I guess I have high expectations for everyone around me. I get so mad at incompetence, that I am sure a lot of people probably think I am a big jerk, but I am a nice guy... really.

Can Dogs Blog? I mean, is that legal?

Max Blogging...

Here is a poem to close out this entry... enjoy!

Couldn't Change

     In this bed
     Two beautiful dreamers
     Plotting out their fate together
     No predictions
     It only happens
     Couldn’t change it if you were God
     Another passage
     You surely feel it
     And wonder
     If you will change the world tomorrow
     Sometimes question
     Where’s the good news
     Gathered around your happiness
     Filling in cracks in your walls
     Hoping no one else has noticed
     The aces up your sleeves


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