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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Got Some New Toys To Keep My Head Expanding

Happy George DayBig thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes in whatever form they came in. It was actually one of my best Birthdays in recent memory. I woke up to find a whole bunch of Curious Georges scattered around our living room. They all had Curious George party hats on. They were holding balloons and there was a Curious George Happy Birthday banner hanging up. There was also a framed Curious George movie poster on the sofa. MY LOVER ROCKS! It was a great way to start the day. I highly suggest that everyone start as many of their days this way as possible.

I took the day off from work, but I did do my exercise work out. After the workout, Bubala took some Birthday pictures of me for prosperity's sake. I really didn't think that any of them would end up on this blog though. I thought he was just adding more pics to his private collection. You see, it's kind of weird. Even after almost 10 years of doing it with the same guy, (me) he still gets off on naughty pics and vids of me. I know it's perverted and sweet at the same time. There is a whole big world of naked homo smut out there, and he still wants to look at pictures of his lover. (Yawn!) I guess I think it's kind of like Madonna saying "Hmmm, it's Saturday night, Guy took the kids out and I'm home all alone. I think I'll play Like A Virgin and Like a Prayer back to back and rock out and pretend like I'm the singer."

The Bike

Biker DudeBut, I digress. This blog is supposed to be about my new toys. Bubala's big present to me (as if all that Curious George stuff wasn't enough) wouldn't show up until the day after my Birthday. So, after the annual video taped "Great Gig In The Sky" and after a nice walk in the park with Max, (oh yeah, and I think Bubala and I did it somewhere in there too) we headed down to Annapolis for dinner at Red Lobster and to look at bicycles. I had been saving up for a new one for a while. Since I had received my income tax refund and since it was my Birthday, I decided to go for it and buy a new bike.

Where we live, we are only two houses off of the B&A bike trail. I can ride all the way down to Annapolis or around the BWI Airport. My usual path is around BWI. The path has enough hills to make it interesting and enough flat areas so that you don't feel like your dying trying to pedal all the way around. And, if I leave my house, go around once and then turn around go back the other way, it is about a 25 mile trip. A good bike work out for sure. This is what I do every day after work when the weather is nice enough. Up until now, I had been doing it on a mountain bike, but I was thinking that it was time to invest in a better bike for the terrain. By the way, in case you're wondering, no, I don't wear those skin tight spandex biker shorts that show every nook and cranny of my naughty bits. Usually, I'm in active wear, sweatshorts and a tee. Yes, I do wear a helmet almost all of the time. I don't always wear a shirt in the summer though.

The day after my Birthday, when I got home from work, the weather was nice. There was a box there on the table for me. I knew that the box wasn't going anywhere, so I went out for my first ride on my new TREK 27 speed bike. It was heaven, but I found that I'm still a little rusty at riding this year because it's still a little cold and riding on a bike makes it feel even colder. I have only been out bike riding a couple dozen times since December and I didn't go out at all in February. So, those hills still give me a challenge at this point in the year. The new bike made it easier. It made it seem more like I was flying than bicycling.

The Drum

Just Beat ItWhen I got home from the bike ride, I finally decided to open the box to find my new Pearl piccolo snare drum inside. I picked it out online, and Bubala said he wanted to buy it for me. It was just about 24 years ago that, after pestering my parents relentlessly, my dad caved in and brought me home my first drum set. It was a used three piece set of Zimgar drums in a red sparkle finish. It was a happy day for this monkey way back then. I could finally let the whole neighborhood know just how much I liked to beat off. After I got a job, I replaced that original three piece set with a new, better set, but I still have fond memories of my first drum set.

Throughout the years, my musical journey his twisted and turned a bit. I won't go into all that right now, maybe another time. Over the years, however, drums had taken a back seat to other instruments for quite a while, so I wanted to get back into drumming mainly because I've just really been getting the bug to drum lately. I have been listening to a lot of albums that feature great drummers and great drumming, and I have been air drumming all over the place. So, I thought a piccolo snare by itself on a stand would be a perfect way to get back in to shape. You know how little old ladies like to sit and watch TV while they knit? Well, this little old monkey can sit and watch TV and practice drum rolls and paradiddles and develop my left hand some more so that I can become ambidextrous. And then I'm sure you all know what else I'll be able to do with either hand... :)

My new snare drum has a great high pitched staccato sound which makes my rolls sound better then they really are. Or, maybe I haven't lost my touch just yet. At any rate, it is a good discipline to work on. Bubala even wants me to show him a few things, like how to hold the dicks... I mean how to hold the sticks. And how to give perfect head... I mean how to tune the drum head! I really recommend that every household get at least one drum. They can really help bring you and your boyfriend closer together.


Blogger TOS said...

I got a bike too - though mine was a cheap one at Target but it is working out great! i have been riding to work and it really puts me in a good mood - plus it is pumping my quads which are ready to split my pants :-) yay!

12:20 AM  

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