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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Too Shy To Say Hi

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Well, Saturday night we went down to D.C. to Blowoff. I guess technically that you could say it was our 3rd Blowoff. However, because last month we left after only about an hour since Bubala wasn’t feeling too well, maybe it’s more like 2-1/2.

Sigmund hair...We had a great time this month. We stayed until about 2:30am fueled up on just water and Coca-Cola. We saw a few friends and acquaintances, and we even saw a certain “Bald Bowie Cub” who was very friendly. It was a great surprise to see him there. We never did see this guy, but it was probably just as well since the music was too loud to carry on a decent conversation. I mean it's Tuesday and my ears are still ringing. (Not that that is completely a bad thing, and my ears are already damaged beyond repair!) It was a little too chilly in there for this monkey to take his shirt off. We weren’t really dancing and working up a sweat since I’m a stiff white suburban rock guy. The live set was awesome, but I wish it had been longer. I survived an attacked by the lady with the Sigmund And The Sea Monsters hair which she tossed right in my face only to have it get stuck in my beard. It sounded like Velcro ripping apart as I walked away and it detached.

Bubala also survived an attack by two women who wanted him to do the bump and grind with them. Yeah, a room full of hot men, and only the women want to try to pick us up. Sure, we got a few of those stares from the hot guys asking the same questions. Who are they? What are they? And, what do they hope to become? Also, this guy who lives just down the road from us was dancing right next to me all night, and I didn’t even know it was him and he wasn’t totally sure that we were us. Next time, we’ll all wear name tags, okay?

We appreciate those who did come up to us to say hi and made us feel welcome as we are still new guys to the Blowoff scene. We also understand about those who are too shy to say hi though. I mean, just ask anyone who knows us. We are two of the most unfriendly guys you’d ever want to meet. If you have a lot of fear of rejection issues, as most of us do, we’ll only make you feel worse. Yeah, we mean and unfriendly guys have it all worked out. It usually goes something like this: Unsuspecting guy comes up to say hi to us. Bubala holds out his hand like he is going to shake the other guys hand only to pull it away real fast. Then, I punch him in the nose and we both laugh uncontrollably as the unsuspecting guy tries to gather himself from the floor. Usually, his nose is bleeding and all he can see is Bubala and me high-fiving each other as we walk away laughing...
NOTE FROM BUBALA: Thankfully, the paragraph above is not completely true. Usually, the guys end up with nothing more than a black eye. Bloody noses are very uncommon, since we would not want to bloody up our nice dancing shoes. :)


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