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Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Monkey Madness

Scary!As I watched the Curious George movie for the second time, I realized just how gay it really is. Bubala even thinks that he noticed a few phalluses hidden in the background imagery. Yes, the queens that make a lot of that animated kid stuff have been sending hidden messages to children for years. Lets face it though, a man in a yellow hat with a monkey for his best friend, well it’s is not quite Cher, but it’s not quite the redneck who fixes your car either. Anyway, as stated in my other recent blogs, George is God and God says, "Be curious or sit at home and wish that you were."

Anyway, on our way to the movie theater, Bubala gets a call on his cell phone from The Bitch who tells him that she has found the last two Curious George kid’s meal toys that I am missing. The Bitch actually went to Wendy’s and told the lady behind the counter that she wanted the CG with the hula hoop. The lady behind the counter says, "I’m not going to look through that big box of toys for that." The Bitch replied "Oh yes you are. You have to. It’s your job!" So, they get into it and then the manager comes over and asks "Is there a problem here?" The Bitch says that the lady behind the counter won’t give her the CG toy she wants. So, the manager gets involved and they all start looking for the CG with the hula hoop toy for me. They found it and GAVE it to The Bitch for free! Moral of the story: Maybe it pays to be a bitch. I, on the other hand, I could never stoop so low with such petty self-centeredness and unfriendly behavior. (A friend of Bette and Joan I am not!) But, I’ll be sure to thank The Bitch for her thoughtfulness and for the toys. (Even though The Bitch is just a fag hag and is after Bubala’s big cock! Sorry bitch, no gay cock for you!)

After the movie.. Or, is that after the film? Or, is that after the cinematic masterpiece? Whatever... We went grocery shopping after the movie.

George Madness

Let this be a warning to you to never go grocery shopping on a full head of Curious George. It started innocently enough with a few bong hits, then the mind kept focusing on all the yellow. Hmmmm... produce department... "BANANAS!" Bubala noticed that there were a bunch of different little Curious George stickers on all of the bananas. So, I put a few extra stickers on the bananas I was buying. Then, we went to the cereal aisle and realized that Mikey is not the only one who likes Life cereal. So does George! Then, we get to the peanut butter and jelly aisle and found that George was on the Welch’s grape jelly jars. So, of course, we the got 5 out of the 6 jars that they had. I’m only missing jar #4. By the way, you are all invited over for peanut butter and GRAPE jelly sandwiches for the next couple of months so that we can get rid of the crap and just have the jars!

So, if you blogophiles are wondering why I can only seem to find one subject to write blogs about, then you just aren’t getting it yet. There is nothing else going on in the world except for Curious George. If you non-believers still are not convinced, you might just have to wait until this fall, when the Curious George TV show starts on PBS. Then, you will finally see the light and there will be no turning back.

There are a few other forms of worthy worship out there that I do endorse. If you pick up the current issues of Bass Player, Guitar Player, or Modern Drummer magazines, there are cover stories with this fearsome force.

What A Rush!


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