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Friday, April 07, 2006


On Friday evening, I biked around the BWI Airport for the second time this year! Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, big flippin' deal! Two whole times around the airport in 97 days, woo hoo... I'm sure that Mumi has been around something like six or seven hundred times so far this year. He's a biking, monkey fool for sure. But, hey, look at it this way, two times around the airport for me so far this year is twice as many times as I went around last year! That's a 100% improvement! Sounds more impressive now, doesn't it?

This trail is actually in Kansas.Now, don't go thinking that I am lazy couch potato or anything like that. I do manage to get out and exercise some. Hiking is my thing though. I love to go hiking! Trail hiking out in the woods is my favorite. I love to be alone, out there in nature. Just me, the animals, the trees and the trail. Very relaxing. I must have hiked close to a thousand miles last year. For me, hiking is much more fun in the warmer months. That way, I can get nearly (or sometimes totally) naked and stroll along with the breeze gently blowing all around my naughty bits, checking out the beautiful scenery along the way. You have to be very careful of thorns while hiking naked though the woods though. Trust me on that one! Otherwise, it can quickly turn into a very "prick"-ly situation. Groan!

I guess it's time to get my Maryland State Parks season pass. All this talk about hiking has made me want to strip down to my birthday suit and get out there on the trails!

Anyone care to join me?

Oh yeah, here is a cute little story about a couple of gay ducks that I read about on Towerload. Funny!


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