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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Let’s Pretend We’re In Antartica*

Of Montreal
Meet my new favorite band.
They are called Of Montreal.
They have released like 8 or 9 CD's.
They have been around for almost ten years now.
I only just discovered them by accident yesterday.
I wish that it was easier for me to discover new music!

MP3: Of Montreal: Wraith Pinned to the Mist (And Other Games)

*Spellcheck Police please note: I know that Antarctica is spelled incorrectly above. This is how the band spells it on their Website.


Blogger Joshua said...

Hiya Jason,
My name's Joshua and I'm one of the guy's at the blog Gay Men Rule. I was going through all of Marc's stuff (Voyeur Nation); and see that you joined up. Thanks for doing that! Sorry it took me so long to realize you joined! I don't know how long ago you did that; but I got your picture with a link up on the blog.


10:05 PM  

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