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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Say hello to the biggest loser I know...

Delegate Don Loser
His name is Donald Dwyer. He is a Republican. Every year, for several years now, he has been the first one to introduce anti-gay legislation into the Maryland General Assembly. He says that he believes that his God has chosen him to lead the crusade against, among other things, same-sex marriage. Every year, thankfully, his hateful legislation is blocked by fair-minded politicians who realize that there are all kinds of people on this planet and that, as officials elected by the people, they must do their best to try to represent all of their constituents as fairly and as justly as possible.

This past Tuesday, Donald Dwyer lost his bid for re-election to the Maryland House Of Delegates.

Let me be the first to say, "Ha ha!"

Ha ha!
Hopefully, Mr. Dwyer will take this as a sign from his God that it is time for him to retire from politics and possibly get into something even more shameful and despicable. Like religion, for example.

UPDATE: It seems that the results of this election are not final just yet. So, Dwyer still has a chance of winning after all the absentee ballots are counted. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this mean, icky loser will be an even bigger loser when all of the votes have been tallied.


Anonymous anger hangover said...

I think I saw this guy coming out of Clubb Bunns last weekend. He should make an easy transition into televangelism.

11:13 PM  
Blogger TOS said...

Is it final now? I hope his hateful ass trips over Ehrlich's carcass on his way out of office!

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, the things you're saying about this guy are a lot more hateful than anything i've ever heard him say, and i've been following his campaign for a good while now. it's not making you look too good... and if he gets re-elected, he'll be the one laughing :)

11:13 AM  

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