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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

S & M & M & M

New music that I really like a lot...

1. Mew (Review stolen from Spin Magazine.)

MewWho? Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the core members of Mew -- vocalist Jonas Bjerre, guitarist Bo Madsen, and drummer Silas Graae -- dropped their first-ever U.S. release this week after snatching up nearly every music prize offered in their home country and building a rabid fan base.

What's the Deal? They're experimental enough to woo fans of Radiohead, and straightforward enough to lap up lovers of Coldplay on their fourth album, And the Glass Handed Kites. The most active ingredient in Mew's formula is Bjerre's voice, its range unfathomably broad, making it almost impossible to believe that the same man sings the sugary choruses on "Special" and the aggressive chants on "Apocalypso." And on "The Zookeeper's Boy" it's absolutely heavenly, a spectral rinse coursing through a twinkling, fairy tale of a song.

Listen to Mew on their MySpace page.

2. Melody Club (Review stolen from Melody Club's MySpace page..)

Melody Club
Melody Club will enslave you with a blend of disco, punk and new wave mayhem. The tunes will make your head rotate with pleasure. Melody Club took the best pop music you ever heard, rammed it into their power blender and poured it into my ears.

Listen to Melody Club on their MySpace page.

3. Mute Math (Review stolen from Spin Magazine.)

Mute MathWho? Paul Meany and Roy Mitchell-Cardenas jammed in a New Orleans band called Earthsuit, doing that Linkin Park-style rap-rock in the late '90s. Darren King, from Springfield, Mo. was a fan of the band, tracked them down, and had a brief, disastrous stint. "He up-staged the singer -- he wasn't meant to be in the back of the stage," Meany told SPIN.com. They all ditched Earthsuit and started Mute Math in 2001 with guitarist Greg Hill, another Springfield transplant. After selling 30,000 units of an EP, Mute Math last year left New Orleans to record a debut LP in Nashville, and they started video blogging their early 2006 gigs to develop a passionate Internet audience. Live attendance grew exponentially, and Warner Bros. Records swooped in to sign a re-release deal.

What's the Deal? Musically restless, this spazzy band combine U2's Christian-flavored bombast ("Chaos"), Kasabian explosions ("Collapse"), Police melodies ("Noticed"), spiritualized fuzz-outs, and electro-glitch experimentation. At times, with Meany crooning at the piano amidst muscular beats, it's Coldplay washing down steroids with Red Bull-vodka. Live shows are a set up for scene-stealer King: In duct-taped headphones, he becomes a perpetual-motion machine, launching into exotic, crowd-pumping solos.

Listen to Mute Math on their MySpace page.

4. Shiny Toy Guns (Review stolen from Spin Magazine.)

Shiny Toy GunsWho? Shiny Toy Guns are Chad Petree (vocals, synths, guitar, bass), Jeremy Dawson (synths, programming), Carah Faye (vocals), Mikey Martin (drums). Formed in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 2002, the band built a huge MySpace following before signing to Universal and releasing We Are Pilots.

What's the Deal? We Are Pilots draws on elements of trance, new wave, and indie rock, and the band fire an assault of electronica layered with boy-girl melodies from Petree and Faye. Faye's vox especially soars on fan-favorite "Le Disko," and uber-danceable "Don't Cry Out" and "Your Are The One" have been in heavy rotation on MySpace.

Listen to Shiny Toy Guns on their MySpace page.


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