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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Soundtrack Available On Dreamworks

Do your dreams ever have soundtracks?

Mine did last night. I dreamt that Mumi and I were traveling across the country following the U.S. tour of one of his favorite bands, Porcupine Tree. This is not such a stretch, since we usually do travel around the country to see them. Everywhere we went, there was awesome music playing in the background.

Funny thing is, that even though the dream was about following Porcupine Tree around, the soundtrack was all songs by R.E.M. The music seemed to set the mood for each scene of the dream. While driving long stretches of open highway, Driver 8 played in the background. During the diner/restaurant scene, Orange Crush was playing on the juke box. During the sexy, x-rated hotel room scene, The One I Love was playing.

It was really pretty neat.

I guess it won't be too long before commercials start showing up in my dreams though. That'll suck. You know that they'll drop those commercials in there right at the best part of the dream too. Right when I'm about to get naked and make out with the hot, hairy guy. Or, right when I'm about to win the $100,000,000 mega-bucks lottery...

Zap! Cut to commercial! It'll probably be a douche commercial too. Yuck!

I'm surprised that advertisers haven't already found a way to put commerical breaks into our dreams... Or, have they? I do have this strong urge to go out and buy R.E.M. CD's today.



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