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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Real Stampy!
So, sometimes, Mumi goes for walks on the trails near our house. Over the years, he has come home on more than one occasion and told me about the strange things that he sometimes sees while out on those walks.

One time, for example, he told me about the big turkey that he saw on the trail. The turkey was all alone, out in the middle of nowhere, just going for a stroll on the trail, I suppose. Another time, he told me that there were monkeys in the garage of a house just up the street*. Then, there was the time he told me about the bagpiper, kilt and all, hanging out on the trail in the woods. All alone, playing bagpipes for no one in particular.

You might not be surprised to hear me say that I don't always believe these tales that Mumi tells about his walks.

Just yesterday, he came home from a walk and said, "You'll never guess what I saw on my walk today. An elephant! A real one."

My response was, "Uh, yeah, an elephant. Sure. You haven't been eating the magic mushroom marshmallows in the Lucky Charms again, have you?"

Mumi insisted that there was indeed a real live elephant hanging out on the trail just up the street from our house. I still wasn't believing him, so he took my camera and left out of the house again. When he came back, I downloaded the pictures to the computer and...

Well, what do you know...

Fake Stampy!
The was an elephant on the trail today!

I actually saw the elephant with my own two eyes a little later on in the day when we went out to run a few errands. It was a very real elephant, and it was walking on the trail. It was out there to promote a circus that was going on in the local neighborhood armory.

I guess Mumi isn't really all that crazy after all.

*Just for the record, I did also see the monkeys in the garage of the house up the street. The people who lived there had several pet monkeys that lived in their garage. I have yet to see the stray turkey or the lone bagpiper though.


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