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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Strangers In The Night

Our strange neighbours seemed to have disappeared into the night. The ones with the obnoxiously loud, neglected dog. I heard them loading up their van the night before last at about 1am. They drove off, and we have not seen them since. There is a huge pile of garbage and household items out front. I don't think that they were forcibly evicted though, because they carried it all out themselves. Then, they just disappeared.

I say, "Good riddance!"

These people were strange! We hardly ever saw the adults of the house. They seemed to get home after midnight just about every night and then leave the next day before 7am. They would be gone all day and they left 3 teenage children home all day by themselves. The only time I ever saw the adults was when they would sit out in front of the house in their van for hours at a time. In the cold with the engine off. They would just sit there doing nothing at all. It was like they were afraid to leave the van or something. If we ever happened to come home at the same time that they were driving up, they would not get out of their van until we were went inside our house. It was very weird.

The kids would do all sorts of strange things while the parents were gone all day. They would go into the shed in their back yard, close the door and then start hammering. I don't think that they were actually building anything, because when the shed doors were open and I could see into the shed, there was never anything in there. But then, the hammering would start again the next day.

On more than one occasion I watched the teenage girl barking wildly at her dog. She would run around the yard, pretending that she was a dog herself and bark like crazy at her dog. Then, she would instigate the dog to bark at our fence and tell her dog to attack our fence. Then, she would bark again some more.

I also saw all of the kids, on several occasions, lock themselves in the van with the dog. They would sit there for an hour or more doing nothing. Just sitting there. They really seemed to like that van a lot.


Blogger Mike said...

Very Strange...I would be afraid what else might happen next. No loss in them leaving.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous anger hangover said...

I think they moved to Pigtown just down the street from me.

12:45 PM  

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