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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Can Work It Out

Our new gym opened yesterday.

We didn't go. I had just come off of a crazy, long weekend of work and I also had to work most of the day and night yesterday.

We are planing on going to the new gym to check it all out later today. I have never belonged to a gym before in my entire life though. And, as stupid as it makes me sound, I really have no idea how to work out, much less how to work out in front of other people in a gym. How do I get started? What exercises do I do? What do all those crazy machines do? I honestly have no idea. I feel so "physically fitness challenged." Hopefully, they'll have some hot guy there in short, tight workout shorts who can explain it all to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

listen up ...

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hire a trainger. Just for a couple of times to get you going, and to show you what is right. Then work out for a month or two, then hire the trainer again, just for one session to check up on how you're doing. Your body can find a way to cheat at each exercise, and this will make it lest effective. You get the results, if you do it right.
People that hire trainers every time to count their jumping jacks (don't let them make you do that in the weight room, that should be somewhere else) are wasting their money.
Monte in Vancouver

3:27 PM  

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