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Sunday, August 12, 2007

You Shouldn't Have! Really!

Wow guys! That was really swell of you to throw that awesome party just for me to celebrate my Birthday last night. That was really a super nice thing for you to do.


And, you two. How nice of you to throw a Blowoff party just for me on my Birthday. You guys are awesome too!

I'm truly flattered that you all care about me so much to go to all of that trouble just for little 'ol me!

Seriously though, if you missed either party last night, you missed out on a whole lot of furry, friendly, fantastic F-U-N!

The pre-Blowoff/housewarming party was awesome. The new place looks fabulous guys. Thanks for the invitation to celebrate your new digs. We really did have a swell time. Hanging with the D.C. boys is always a lot of fun!

And, as for Blowoff, all I can say is, "Wow!"


What a hot time that was. This must have been hot guys get in for half price month or something, because the hotties were virtually falling from the rafters! Everywhere I looked, there was another hot, shirtless stud to drool over. The music was thumping, the men were humping. It was an all around super time. A great way to celebrate my twenty-seventeenth Birthday, for sure!

Of course, there was no Saliva Pit this month, so I missed out on that action. I wonder if the lack of a Saliva Pit had anything to do with a certain person's mysterious absence from the night's festivities? Could he in fact be the Saliva Pit boss? Hmmmm....

Oh well, there's always next month.


Blogger Mike said...

Great seeing you guys Saturday night. Happy Berfday!

12:06 PM  

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