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Monday, September 17, 2007

My Blur Has Been A Life

This actually hurts...Not that I am complaining. It's nice to be popular. We have been such social, little, busy butterflies lately.

Let's see...

We went to Six Flags in New Jersey with Shane and David on Saturday. That was a lot of fun for me, of course. It was probably a lot more like work for the rest of the gang though. I can be a bit of a tyrant and/or dictator at amusement parks. As soon as we get there, my mind and body go into maximum overdrive. I take off towards the rides, and I don't slow down until we have ridden every roller coaster in the park at least once.

"What do you mean you want to stop for lunch?!? We've only been here for five hours, for Pete's sake!"

"No! You cannot stop to take a piss! Hold it in! We haven't ridden that Wild Mouse over there yet!"

"No, I don't care if your feet are all blistered and bleeding and you can't stand upright any longer, get into that next roller coaster line already!"

Yep, that's me all right. It must be such a treat to go to amusement parks with me. Anyone interested in coming along on the next trip?

We were home in plenty of time to make it to Blowoff on Saturday night, but after running around all day and getting banged up on the steel and wooden monster machines, we just weren't up to it. So, we missed out on the Saliva Pit action again this month. Of course, now that I think about it, we were at Blowoff last month and we still missed out on the Saliva Pit action somehow. I'm beginning to have my doubts about whether the Saliva Pit really exists.

Anyway, on Friday night, we hung out with a brand new bud named Kris. We had met him at Blowoff last month while dancing shyly next to him for a bit. We had only exchanged names and bear hugs though, and so I figured that was that. Then, last week, I saw him again on Manhunt. We got to chatting and set up a dinner date. We had a swell time hanging out with him. He's a super nice guy and VERY hot! I'm sure that we'll be seeing more of him, and maybe we'll just start our own Saliva Pit here in Glen Burnie...

The fun doesn't stop there though...

Tonight, we are headed to New York City and Madison Square Garden to see Rush again for like the millionth time this year. Oh Joy! I guess that's what I get though for dragging the Bald Monkey onto all of those roller coasters this summer. Should be a fun night. New York City is always a good time.

Oh yeah, today, while I was on Ticketbastard checking to see if any better seats had been released for the show tonight, a really cool word came as the verification code on the Ticketbastard Website. The word was hornify. I immediately decided that hornify had to become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

For example:

"The thought of hanging out in the Saliva Pit with all of those hot Blowoff studs sure does hornify me."


"I took one look at that hot stud, Kris, and I was immediately hornified."


"Roller coasters are hornifyingly transcendent, in my opinion."

C'mon everybody, let's get hornified!


Anonymous jimbo said...

Actually the Saliva Pit action was a bit subdued this time with the early departure of a good number of Salivators. I was afraid to contribute to the Saliva Pit this time because my nose still hurt from it being hit earlier that day. I only shared Saliva with a hot guy from Miami named Carlos.

4:50 PM  

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