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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursdays With Mumi

I've got my Orange Crush.Mumi thinks that I am just a super swell, all around great guy boyfriend because on most Thursdays lately, I have been bringing his favorite lunch from Panera Bread to him at work. Well, don't tell him, but the real reason that I am going to Panera Bread every Thursday is to see Kenny.


Kenny is a sandwich maker at Panera, and he is absolutely dreamy. A little bearish with a full beard and chest hairs flowing out above of the collar of his shirt. Beautiful bluish green eyes that could melt my heart. He can slap his meat between my buns any day of the week. Of course, since he works at Panera Bread, you know he must be gay.

Today, when he saw me, his face lit up. He smiled and said, "Hey there. How are you doing?"

I'm sure I blushed as replied back that I was just fine.

"That's good", he said.

It's so obvious that he is totally hot for me, isn't it?

I watched him carefully crafting sandwiches for a few minutes until he hollered out the words that I hate most to hear while waiting in line at Panera Bread on Thursdays... the order number at the bottom of my receipt. Mumi's sandwich was ready.



Anonymous Sarah said...

This reminded me of one time at Pot Belly Sandwiches a bearded young boy filled my soup cup and he looked just like Durban Bud. I should have take a picture.

9:38 AM  

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