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Friday, November 16, 2007

Absolutely Not Safe For Work!

Raging Mumi Productions Presents...
The G.I. Mo's Adventure Team
"Keepin' Busy!"

We find Mo' #1 and Mo' #2 in a wooden shack just off the coast of Valparaiso, Chile waiting for orders on where to go to from there to pick up the top secret plans for the Homo Revolution.

Mo' #1: I'm bored! When are we going to get the word on the go ahead? We've been cooped up in this little shack for two days now. I'm going stir crazy in here. I need something to keep entertained.

Mo' #2: Well, hang in there Mo'. I'm sure The Grunt will show up here shortly. Until then, whatcha' say you come on over here and give me a hand.

G.I. Mo'

Mo' #1: Alright dude! That's why Hasbro gave me the Kung Fu grip!

Mo' #2: Yeah man. Why don't you Kung Fu grip my cock with your mouth now? Yeah! That's the way. suck dat fat cock Mo'. That's it. Take it all the way down and then stuff my balls in there too. Yeah!

Mo' #1: Gloog. Glug. Glog. Glug. Gloog. Glug. Glog.

G.I. Mo'

The Mo's were so busy keeping' busy that they had no idea that Sgt. Grunt had walked in and was watching them for a good ten minutes before he spoke up.

Sgt. Grunt: That's what I like about you Mo's. You're very dedicated. You're always keeping busy, even during the slow times.

Sgt. Grunt moved over and pulled out his already throbbing, hard cock.

G.I. Mo'

Sgt. Grunt: Yeah that's it Mo'. Suck those fuckin' cocks. Yeah, look at him lap it up.

Mo' #1: Gloog. Glug. Glog. Glug. Gloog. Glug. Glog.

Mo' #2: Yeah. He's been complaining about not having enough to do.

Sgt. Grunt: Oh Yeah? Well, how about we take his pants off and you can fuck his ass. And, if that's not enough for him to do, I'll let him suck the juice out of my balls. Would you like that Mo'?

Mo' #1: Gloog. Glug. Glog. Glug. Gloog. Glug. Glog.

So, the two Mo's stripped him and Mo' #2 started riding Mo' #1 hard.

Sgt: Grunt: Yeah! You like that dick up your ass, don't you? Yeah! That's it Mo', fuck his hairy ass hard. I can tell he likes it, because he can't get enough of mine in his mouth.

Mo' #2: Is this how you like to keep busy Mo'?

Mo' #1: Gloog. Glug. Glog. Glug. Gloog. Glug. Glog.

G.I. Mo'

Sgt. Grunt: Yeah! I'm gonna bust this nut all over your fuckin' beard Mo'.

Mo' #2: And I'm gonna give you a cum sloppy butt hole.

Like sands through the hourglass... these are the fucks of our lives...

Mo' #2: I'm gonna cum. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sgt. Grunt: Yeah! That's it Mo'. Jizz his hairy hole. I'm spunkin' his beard right now.

G.I. Mo'

Mo' #1: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sgt. Grunt: Alright you Mo's. Get cleaned up and be ready to get out of here in 15 minutes. We're headed up north to Antogfagasta. The rest of the team is up there and they are ready to make the move.

The Mo's quickly cleaned up, gathered their gear and moved on.

To Be Continued...


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