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Monday, November 26, 2007

Absolutely Not Safe Work!

Raging Mumi Productions
In Association With
Absolutely Not Safe For Work Pictures
The G.I.Mo's Adventure Team In An All New Adventure...
"Arriving At Headquarters"

Sgt. Grunt and G.I. Mo #1 and #2 all headed North up the coast to Antogfagasta where they were to meet the rest of the Adventure Team and make the move. When they got to the G.I. Mo Adventure Team Headquarters, the place looked deserted. There was no one there at all... almost.

Sgt. Grunt: All right. I guess we better split up and take a look around. You two Mo's search around up here, and I'll take a look down in the basement.

G.I. Mo's #1 and #2 searched around on the ground floor of the command center and the laboratory, but no one was around. They heard a strange combination of humming and moaning noises coming from the upstairs area, so they crept up ever so quietly to investigate. Walking into the sleeping area, the noise got even louder. And they walked in on G.I. Mo #3 with a 12" vibrating dong shoved up his ass.

G.I. Mo #3: Man! You guys scared the hell out of me. I didn't expect to see you until this evening.

G.I. Mo #1: Ah. Grunt made us haul ass up the coast. Are you the only one around?

G.I. Mo #3: Just Buzz and me. I think he's down in the basement. The others went to pick up some gear. I don't think that they'll be back for a few more days.

G.I. Mo #1: I'm Mo #1. I'm a specialist in land maneuvers. This is Mo #2. He's an airman.

G.I. Mo #2: Hey man. How's it going?

G.I. Mo's

G.I. Mo #3: I'm Mo #3. I'm an underwater sea adventurer, and things are kind of slow around here. Man, am I glad you guys showed up. The others have been gone for a few days, and I haven't sucked a cock in almost a week. That Buzz, he's so kinked out. I just don't want to mess with his ass.

G.I. Mo #1: Oh yeah? An underwater sea adventurer huh? Does that mean that you are really good at going down?

G.I. Mo #3: I'm one of the best. I bet you guys are ready to bust a nut after that long haul, huh?

G.I. Mo #2: Man, you got that right dude. My cock is just itching for some hot man mouth to feed.

G.I. Mo's

Meanwhile, Sgt. Grunt was doing some exploring himself down in the basement. He found Buzz downstairs in his play room.

G.I. Mo's

Sgt. Grunt: Buzz! You kinked out fucker. How've you been man?

Buzz: Gruntman! Yeah! Finally, someone is here who can dominate me like I was meant to be dominated.

G.I. Mo's

Sgt. Grunt: Oh, you are a kinky little bastard, and it looks like you are setting up quite the makeshift playroom. You getting any of these Mo's to give you what you really need? Any of them riding your ass hard like you know I will? Why don't you strip down and let me fuck you on that saddle?

Buzz: Only if I can wear my diver's helmet while you do me.

Sgt. Grunt: Oh, you are a twisted fuck.

Buzz: That's just the way I like it.

Sgt. Grunt: Woo Hoo! I'm gonna like working with you again. You kinked out little fucker. Woo Hoo!

G.I. Mo's

Meanwhile, the other three Mo's were recovering from their diving lesson and getting to know each other by a warm fire.

G.I. Mo's

G.I. Mo #1: One thing is for sure. We are going to have ourselves a big old adventure this time around. What do you say Mo's?

G.I. Mo #1: Yo Mo!

G.I. Mo #2: Yo Mo!

G.I. Mo #3: Yo Mo!

To Be Continued ...


Blogger Dumbek said...

hmmm...Maybe I'll get a deep sea diving helmet for MAL this year.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Bubala said...

Wait! So, that wasn't you in the deep sea diving helmet at MAL last year?!?

11:17 AM  

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