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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gay Bingo Hun!

The HippoMumi and I and a few friends went to gay bingo night at The Hippo on Wednesday. It was a good time. Nice to be hanging out with the gay folks of Bawl'mer hun! We didn't win anything. Well, Greg The Bowie Cub won $40, but Mumi and I didn't win a thing. No big deal though as the money raised by bingo nights goes to a few decent local gay charities.

Here are the photos to prove that we had a good time:

Hippo Water!
Hippo water!

Bingo Bear Hug!
Bingo Bear Hug!

It wouldn't be gay bingo without a drag queen!
The Queen Of Bingo

The Bowie Cub is convinced that Mumi is weird, at least a little bit.
Mumi Is A Nutjob!

Our straight friend Jamie came along. She's a girl, but that's not her fault. She was just born with a vagina.
Our friend Jamie is a girl.

Bubala is a bingo playing fool!
Bubala likes bingo!

About to win big!
Big Winner!

The Bowie Cub's favorite game was the Glory Hole Special. Here he is practicing in case he wins it!
The Bowie Cub's O-Face

One of the G.I. Mo's was there. He had a pretty good time hanging out with Lucky the Leprechaun.
G.I. Bingo Joe

Mumi likes gay bingo!
I like bingo!

Mumi trying to win some G.I. Joe buying money!
Dabbin' away!


Anonymous anger hangover said...

I keep meaning to check out gay bingo @ the Hippo. I think I may be the only homo in B'more who hasn't.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Bubala said...

It was fun. We'll have to set up gay blogger bingo night some time soon!

11:16 AM  

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