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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Converting To Curious George-ism

Curious GeorgeSo, on Friday, as soon as we could get off from work, we headed to the Muvico theaters to see the new Curious George movie. We went on opening day mostly because I am a diehard Curious George fan. But, also, we were all set to hop a plane down to Florida to Universal Studios to burn the place to the ground if had they tarnished the image of our Prophet, Lord, God and King of the universe, Curious George. This cartoon stuff is VERY serious and should taken as so.

We quickly found out that our fears were unnecessary though, as Universal has done a great job adapting our old friend to the big screen for a whole new generation of loyal worshippers to follow. The animation is very good. (Not all digital.) The modernization of George is not at all blasphemous. In fact, the minor face lift on the over-60 year old monkey just makes him even more adorable. Now, had this movie been made by that other, evil company, you know the one with the ears, (or is that horns?) the infidels would surely have been burned to nothing but ashes on the ground.

Here is the moral of the story all summed up in one sentence: (WARNING, spoiler ahead!) A man with a yellow hat likes his curious little monkey more than the girl who tries desperately to pick him up throughout the whole movie. The soundtrack by Jack Johnson is pretty good as well. It’s kind of a combination of the sounds of Dave Mathews and Nick Drake.

Why is the wisdom of the stories of Curious George so important? Because, as children, we are born with the natural ability to be inquisitive about life, and this leads us to believe that the world is filled with wonder and endless possibilities. As adults, however, having learned from our wrong choices and mistakes, we are not as willing to take the chances that may lead to a new adventure or experience. So, we feel safer because the bad things that we are afraid might happen to us don’t, but the good things that could happen to us don’t either. Through prayer and meditation and the teachings of Curious George, however, you can overcome this obstacle of adulthood and find a more open and positive and rewarding outlook on life.

George and I go way back. I’ve even adopted his fashion sense from time to time.

Who's who?

The ShrineThen, there is my personal method of worship, the shrine in my house that I sit in front of to meditate and pray and read classics like Curious George Goes To The Hospital, Rides A Bike, Gets A Medal, etc.

Still not convinced that the power of Curious George can change your life? Go and see the movie then. Or, stop by Wendy’s Restaurants and buy a kids meal and get your free Curious George toy. (Of course, I’m collecting them all.) Or, start with the holy scripture of the first Curious George book. You will convert. Don’t be fooled by any of those false prophets like Jesus or Muhammad. Only Curious George will show you the true way and the light.

And, I’ll be damned if he isn’t the cutest little religious icon ever to come along. Just look at him. What a blue collar stud! Check out the size of his tool. Not even Buddha is that cute.

Tool Time George


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