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Friday, February 03, 2006

I See Your True Colors Shining Through...

This message from Equality Maryland came to my e-mail inbox today:

"The House Judiciary Committee has voted down House Bill 48, an anti-gay bill proposed by Del. Don Dwyer (R-Anne Arundel County) that would write discrimination into Maryland's Constitution. The vote was UNANIMOUS! Let me explain, Don Dwyer and the supporters of the bill in committee have shown their true colors. Delegate Kathleen Dumais (D-Montgomery County) introduced an amendment to the bill that would strip far reaching language that would ban civil unions and legal relationships and instead mandate civil union relationships, the amendment passed and the bill itself was unanimously rejected.

This is not an issue about marriage this is an issue of people working to deny any protections for same-sex couples. Dwyer and his ilk rejected civil unions just as they rejected the medical decision making act. Their ultimate goal is to insure same-sex couples and their families have no legal protections."

Trash!Interesting that just a couple of days ago, Delegate Dwyer stated that he had no problem with same-sex couples being afforded the same legal rights and protections as the hetero's so long as our partnerships are not called "marriages." What a liar...

Oh yeah, is it just me, or does anyone else think that Delegate Dwyer and John Waters were separated at birth? (Yeah, I photo-shopped Dwyer's moustache, but the resemblance is still eerie, isn't it?)


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