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Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Fever

In The Sun
Greetings from on my bike, somewhere under the sun. Where else would I be on any one of these gorgeous days? I am typing this with no monitor to read it back from, because the monitor fell off my bike and hit a pack of cycling nuns that were riding along behind me. The Lord moves in mysterious ways...

Well, I have been drifting in and out of a heavy spring fever lately, eating only frozen Reese's peanut butter eggs. With each passing day, I find myself trying to hold on to some sense of reality, but my reality just keeps getting sucker punched because every time I go out side, I hear this whispery voice singing:

"Come and play with me Mumi.
Come and play with me,
And I will take you on a trip
So you can really be free."

Yeah, it's my bike calling out to me. I usually respond by telling work that I must leave right away because the day is calling me to be come and be a part of it and being in buildings when the weather is so nice is making my temperature soar to way above normal and if I don't leave right now and cool off with a refreshing bike ride then I will be forced to take off all my clothes and do the Galla Balla dance which involves cutting the head off of a live chicken and pouring the blood all over my body. They probably wouldn't mind the naked part, but I think they could do without the chicken part especially since I usually have these spring fever attacks right around lunch time. So, they tell me to leave, and I go off on another adventure.

Like on Tuesday, when I put Bubala on my shoulders and biked down to the beach (Sandy Point) to relax and get some sun. I've been going to this beach for years now and this time of the year, before school lets out and on a weekday, is the best time to go. We put our blanket down far away from everyone else over by the Bay Bridge. We just laid there, held hands and even snuck in a few kisses. Yes, that was me in the black Speedo doing my abs workout on the sand. If that was you in one the trucks, honking as you drove by, then thanks for the motivation. Every little bit helps. After my workout, Bubala read a book while I drifted into the sun for another daydream.

After sunning ourselves for a few hours, we came home and it was back on the bike for me. This time, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the trail. Everything started to look so beautiful. The sky was so blue. The sun was shining so intensely. What a day to go for a ride in the park! There were huge flowers blooming all around me. A soundtrack of songs, all from 1966-1968, was playing though speakers hidden in the rocks and trees. Ahhh, the responsibilities of work disappeared, and I started to feel so free. Then, I saw this this guy dressed in a tuxedo and a top hat. He stopped me and told me not to worry about life anymore. He told me that all that is good in life will have it's way and there will be much happiness in the world. He informed me that everyone in the Bush administration was suddenly going to be involved in a mysterious accident (something resembling the French Revolution) at the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn this weekend. He also informed me that I didn't have to worry about GW inflicting his apocalyptic fantasy upon the world anymore because Rush is making a new album and nothing bad can happen until after that album is released and after they tour again. Really, he told me that's just the rules dude. That's just the way it is.

GnomeSo, I rode on a little further, happy with my new found sense of living, and I noticed that professionally framed works of art had been nailed to a lot of the trees along the trail. A whole host of woodland creatures all dressed in waiters uniforms were offering free bottles of water to the all of the bikers and joggers. And, everyone was smiling and laughing and friendly and happy. As I rode down to the bottom of a hill and off the trail a little, I saw these tiny gnomes. They were smoking their gnome grown herbs in small curved shell pipes. They asked me to stay for tea and have some fun. They said that their friends would all be dropping by. I told them that I really couldn't stay because I was riding my bike but that I wouldn't mind a hit off of one of those pipes. They all laughed and filled my pockets with large bags of their special yield.

So, I pumped up a big hill and passed under a waterfall of pink lemonade and turned a corner by a field of red mushrooms with white speckles on them. It was there that I saw Scott McKenzie. He yelled out to me, "If you're riding to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." Only, I'm bald, so that wouldn't work unless I put them in my chest hair.

So, I crossed a bridge, turned at a bend in the trail, rode for a while, went up a hill then down a hill, rode a little while more, then turned the corner and I was on my street. I saw my house, and Bubala was there and he waved to me. My little boy Max was running around the front lawn and I thought to myself that I must have died of spring fever, because right now, I'm in Heaven.


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