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Friday, October 27, 2006

4 More Days 'Til Halloween... Silver Shamrock

Grave Yard
Here are the lyrics to a 20 year old song that I wrote about a reckless friend of mine that I hung with in the 1980’s. He had major substance abuse problems, among other things. The song was meant to be kind of a warning to him. He’s one of the guys I knew that didn’t die. (At least, I don’t think he did.) After his 15 year relationship ended, he started having a sexual interest in underage boys. It was at about that time I met Bubala. I decided that I didn’t want to be around my friend and his bad karma any more. So, maybe I didn’t need him as a friend after all.

The other night about 12 O’clock
I took a walk by the cemetery
The sky was dark there was a mist
The atmosphere it was quite scary

I saw your grave site it was cold and moist
And from the ground
I heard a voice
(it said) “I do not sleep so peacefully”

A figure appeared and sat on the headstone
I rubbed my eyes this did not seem right
Your ghost transparent, legs crossed and such
You smiled at me and said “Got a light”

I paused a while quite stunned but staring
And you said “By the way, have you got any coke?”
Then I started laughing I fell on the ground
Just like your life your death was a joke

(And I said)
Turn away you can not handle this
And all the while there were things that you missed
Now that you’ve escaped this far
You have to deal with this forever

I’ve talked to your lover
He’s still down but surviving
He doesn’t work as much now
Without your money conniving

I remember when you used to talk big
About your dream house, your boat, and your car
But now it’s too late for those things my friend
You’ve got a coffin, a pillow, and there’s no bar

(And you said) “So I wasn’t a perfect person”
“So I committed the ultimate sin”
“But if you say you are really my friend”
“Do you think you can sneak a bottle of Jack in”?
“I’m real bored down here”
Music & Lyrics - 7-25-86


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