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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This Is The Blogging Of The Day At The Aquarium

The National Aquarium In Baltimore
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars...
Oh, wait... that's something else completely different.

This past Saturday, we spent a fun-filled afternoon at the Baltimore Aquarium with our great friends, Tim & Donn. We started with lunch at Johnny Rockets. I am a big fan of Johnny Rockets. I love the place. The food is pretty good, but the atmosphere is what I love even more. The whole 50's diner theme. The way that the waiters/waitresses sometimes stop everything and burst out into song right there in the middle of the restaurant. Great stuff! I am trying to visit as many different Johnny Rockets restaurants across the country as I can, but I'm not doing such a good job so far. I think I have been to like five or six of them.

After lunch, it was off to the aquarium. Since Tim & Donn are members at the aquarium, we didn't have to pay to get in. We also did not have to wait in line. Wow! I guess membership really does have it's privileges.

Rather than bore you with my blather and inane ramblings, I'll get straight to the pictures with some minimal commenting.

Exterior shot of the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
The Aquarium

Can you spot me in the pic? I'm the one with the big mouth!
Mr. Big Mouth

I referred to these fish affectionately as the snobby fish. Don't they look all snooty, like Jeeves or something?
Snooty Fish

This was the scariest part of the movie. Right before the killer penguin attacked Mumi and tried to peck him to death.
Killer Penguins

This dolphin used mind control and his eerie glowing blue eyes to hypnotize the young children. Then, using more mind control, the dolphin instructed the children to kill all the parents in the audience and steal their fish.

How come we can train dolphins to do cool things like this, but we can't train them to stay out of the tuna nets?
Jumping Dolphin

I told Tim & Donn that they needed a TV like this in their basement. They disagreed.
Psychedelic TeeVee

When I asked Mumi why do seahorses exist, he told me that they just had to exist. Otherwise, there would be no real horses like Mr. Ed or Black Beauty.
Hung Like Horses

If I had to hear one more little kid scream, "Look Mommy! Nemo!" then I am sure that I would have been arrested for throwing children into the shark tank.
Death To Nemo!

Tim has a close call with a giant man eating sabre-toothed killing fish! Luckily, he had remembered to wear his killer fish repellent!
Look Out Tim!

I love "smash-a-pennies!" I had to assure Donn that we would not go to prison for smashing the pennies though.
Penny Smasher!


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