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Monday, January 15, 2007

In The End

Nice Asses!As Saturday night approached, plans were made that we would stop at Jimbo’s place and then, later, go with the rest of the bloggers to BlowOff.

Then, the phone rang. It was Tim & Donn. They were not going to BlowOff, and they really wanted us to join them in the lobby of The Washington Plaza hotel for a few drinks and some hot man cruising fun. So, we altered our evening’s plans and decided to blow off BlowOff (and it’s $20 cover charge!) Instead, we opted to go to the circus hotel lobby thingie which was free.

So, we headed out on a rather balmy January evening (I love global warming in the winter time!) and made it to Jimbo's a little early because there wasn’t any traffic. That was cool though, because we got to chat with Jimbo for a little while and see his impressive happy lamp and sexy computer slide show. The friends and bloggers eventually started showing up. We saw Carl, Clickboo, and the one they call Mr. Bartender. We also saw Tos and his Boo and the handsome, pursed lipped one and his sexy, newly furry faced husband. There were quite a few others there that I didn’t know.

Some time at around 10:00, we made our exit and picked up something in the truck and made our way down to the hotel passing Jimbo and the blogger friends on their way to BlowOff I hope you guys all had a blast.

It was a beautiful night for a walk in the city, and we made it to the hotel in about 15 minutes. We found Tim hanging out in the lobby, but Donn was having a disco nap and (we were told) would be down shortly. So, we got drinks and hung out and pointed out the hotties with Tim and chatted with a few of his friends.

There were quite a few handsome men there when we first arrived, and I kind of liked the masculine atmosphere and all the crotch grabbing that I saw. (I guess those leather studded jocks can be uncomfortable!)

WTF?!?I could have done without some of the weirdo stuff though. Not that it bothers or offends me, I just personally think that some of it looks really dumb. We saw an odd sort of scuba-diving team all hanging out together like they were waiting, ready to dive into the water. There was some guy there in a football uniform. There was a leather clad Canadian Mountie and a few members of Maul Security were there too. A few punkers with mohawks, lots of tattooed all over guys. We even saw Buster the balloon popping porn star hanging out. This was all in addition to your various assorted leather guys in chaps and harnesses.

I had been warned at Jimbo’s party about the dogs, but aside from a few guys on leashes walking around with their owners, the only dog I saw was a Golden Lab. They also had told me at Jimbo’s party to use the unisex bathroom which was good advice since I didn’t feel like sharing my piss with anyone. I’m selfish that way, I guess.

I also heard popping sounds coming from across the room and figured that they must have had a large popcorn popper over there and you could hear it popping and snapping as it cooked. I wasn’t very hungry for popcorn, so I didn’t wander over to get any. You probably had to buy tickets anyway. A lot of people must have wanted popcorn though, because there was a large crowd gathered around the cracking noises taking pictures and stuff.

Donn finally showed up, complaining of a sore knee. Someone didn’t use his knee pads! We all hung out together, checking out the scene. I got drunk enough to get the bravado to take off my shirt, so I didn’t feel so alienated from the crowd.

After a little while, and a few too may cocktails, we decided to leave and hugged all of our friends goodbye. We wished everyone good luck with their conquests and made our way out (ALONE AS USUAL - We suck at the cruising game!) into the light mist of the night and walked back to the truck.

And, that’s where the story ends.

I refuse to talk about the ride home. Let’s just say that I’ve got to find a better way to get the bravado to take off my shirt in socially acceptable gay situations like that.


Blogger TOS said...

You know you don't need to cruise to be able to take your shirt off in public... In fact I think that is the best thing - taking shirt off and leaving with one's Boo/hubby/SO etc. without feeling the need to pick someone/thing up...

I'm sure I'll be flamed for this comment but many in the blogosphere who think thrupling is just natural and how things should be in the gay comm. but eh, I'm from New England and a prickly bastard with a big mouth... ;-)

On another note - good to see you lads - albeit it briefly!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous durban bud said...

That's a very nice butt! Although, why is the dog on the bed? Hmmm.

And I'm sure you boys do just fine with cruising.

2:50 AM  

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